The following steps will allow you to configure the Zoiper softphone application for use with your hosted voice service.

Items Needed

  • Windows or Mac computer
  • Zoiper app from
  • SIP user
  • SIP password
  • OITVOIP domain
  • Login to

Download Zoiper

Obtain Your Domain Info

  • Log into
  • Login Name will be your extension~your domain I.e. 1009@demoo
  • Password will be your voicemail password

  • Click Log In
  •  Click on the Phones button at the top
  • Select the configuration button for the extension you want to configure
  • Take note of the Domain, Outbound Proxy, Username and Password


  • Click Save when you are finished


  • Open the Zoiper app
  • Under Settings click on Create a New Account
  • On the follow screen enter the following:
    • user / user@host: Enter your extension number @ your domain/proxy (i.e. 501a)
    • Password: Taken from above
    •  Click Login

    •  On the next screen select the check box to Skip auto-detection and click Next
    • Domain: taken from above

Authentication: username from above

Outbound Proxy: from above


You will be taken to a screen that will show the status of the account. Once you see Registered and the green check mark you may click OK and are ready to make/receive calls. The most common reason for accounts failing to register are typos in the user name or password. If you experience any issues please email


Include any attachments needed for this procedure.